Our Technology

We deliver wireless data & media to millions of mobile devices at a fraction the cost of cellular, empowering the next generation of wireless services for pennies on the dollar.

VuCast’s proprietary wireless technology leverages existing global infrastructure to embed high-bandwidth, encrypted digital data within existing (FM) wireless transmissions. As a result, our delivery is globally scalable, ultra-low-cost and inherently secure.

VuCast's content management system (CMS) accepts media files and streams, and encodes them for optimal transmission to an un-limited number of wireless devices within any country, region, or market. Our end-to-end network delivers military-grade security, featuring VPN CMS access, over-the-air encryption, and one-way, intrusion-proof transmission.

Coverage Advantage

Each VuCast transmitter covers hundreds of square miles and reaches millions of end-points with 1-to-1, 1-to-many and 1-to-all precision. High-power VuCast signals are carried in 100MHz "beachfront property" radio spectrum, with reach and building penetration characteristics far exceeding higher frequency, lower power cell phone tower transmissions. The result is metro-wide coverage from a single transmitter, reaching an unlimited number of devices, all with the highest possible level of data security.

Cost Advantage

With cellular data networks, data charges scale directly with the number of recipients. With VuCast, the incremental cost for each recipient is nominal. Costs are based on how much you send, not on how many you send to.